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Northeast Ohio Flag Football

Northeast Ohio Flag Football


Please read the section below.  Any violation of these rules will result in either a warning, suspension, and/or termination from any affiliation with Northeast Ohio Flag Football with no refund of fees paid.  All violations will be discussed between Game Officials & Board Members.  If there are any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected]

This league and these games are for the benefit of the athletes-not the adult spectators or coaches.

* Only positive actions will be tolerated--absolutely no taunting, harassing, and foul language.  Negative actions, verbal or physical, towards any player, Official, parent, Coach, or Northeast Ohio Football Board Member will not be tolerated.

* The Officials are in charge of the games.  Parents should not question or confront an Official or Coach during, before, or after the game.

* Spectators, players, or Coaches will not use alcohol, tobacco or drugs at games or practices.

* Any player that is caught playing in an age group that is not with in league rules and playing below the age division that they supposed to be in will result in a hearing with league officials and if found guilty they will be immediatly suspended from the league (with NO refund).  

*Any coach that is thought to be playing an athlete that is older than the age division will be placed on immediate suspension until a hearing with league officials to determine the punishment-most likely they will be banished from having any connection with Northeast Ohio Flag Football Inc.


Northeast Ohio Flag Football Rules

*ONLY 4 Coaches are allowed on the sidelines during games.

Please coordinate practices 1-2 days per week for 1-1.5 hours each practice. Practices should be held when most/all of your players are available. 

Coaches Guidelines
1) Teach players the basic fundamentals of the game. Always place an emphasis on sportsmanship, fair play, and full participation.
2) Provide a safe and fun environment for all players.
3) Give each player equal playing time. This is a recreational league, designed to help participants learn the game of football.
4) Communicate with parents your practice times, game day times, and locations.
5) Ensure that each player has a positive experience. Make this a priority over winning.
6) Manipulation of Northeast Ohio Flag Football rules will not be tolerated.
7) Be patient with the players. Coach them-do not yell at them.
8) For all league games/playoffs/tournaments/bowl games, players who are not listed on a team's regular season roster, will NOT be allowed to play. This rule has NO Exceptions. Any team that violates this rule will forfeit that game(s) and be removed from playing in future games.
9) Profanity and vulgar language will not be tolerated.

Coaches who do not follow the above guidelines will be subject to disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate by league administrators. After a verbal warning is given, any other infraction will result in a written warning, partial or full game suspensions, or will be banned from coaching with Northeast Ohio Flag Football. If there are questions on any of the above guidelines, please contact [email protected]

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